Monday, April 6, 2015

Who Is Nathan Strack?

Hey guys,

So... you want to know a little bit about me, well... I am a writer who has written articles for, as well as my own site:! I am also a writer writing his first novel.

Besides writing professionally, I also happen to be the owner/founder of a couple of websites that I built from the ground up, and it's store,

I am also an actor who has worked on both Stage and TV! And expect alot more exciting developments professionally!

But that is just the professional side of me... The truth is, is I have a great family, a great group of friends, and generally speaking if there is anything worth believing in for me, is to surround myself with a great group of people, and to live and love life to it's absolute fullest!

So raise a glass, and give a, 'salud' to this big beautiful globe we live on!

- Nathan